Seams Easy

Seamstress, Tailoring and Alterations
Alterations, Mends, Repairs, Re-style, Re-vitalise, Re-invent, Mend, Hem, Patch, New Zip, Re-size, Re-new Clothing, Formal Wear and Garments.
If you are looking for a seamstress in the Milton Keynes area who is personable and able to repair, mend, re-size or restyle your garment or maybe its just a new zip in trousers or a hem on your skirt, then you have come to the right place.
Seams Easy offer a professional seamstress service to both the individual customer and the business community in the Milton Keynes area.
We pride ourselves on providing that personal sewing service that people know and trust. We have provided alteration and garment repair services in Milton Keynes for over 10 years and have a large repeat customer base who use our range of seamstress and tailoring services regularly.
Uniform and Garment Sewing plus Alterations, Mends and Repairs.
Our sewing and garment repair work involves re-sizing, repairing and fitting anything from dresses, casual attire – Jeans and tops to business suits, wedding dresses and formal attire. In-fact anything you find in your wardrobe we can probably help with.
Our skills involve not only alterations for women’s clothing but as tailors we can also turn our hand to mending men’s suits or tapering and hemming trousers for men.
Speciality clothing - Sports Wear and Formal Attire
Uniforms, sports clothes, and wedding dresses – These are just some of the speciality garments that we repair and mend. Please contact us if you have some other alteration need and we will do our best to help you.
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